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At Watts Good Electric, our residential electrical inspections are designed to provide homeowners with peace of mind and assurance of compliance with all safety standards. We recognize the critical importance of thorough property assessments, particularly during real estate transactions or when updating a home’s electrical systems.


Can Cover A Wide Range of Inspection Needs

At Watts Good Electric, we are equipped to handle a diverse range of inspection needs, ensuring we can assist every homeowner. Whether you need assistance with a homeowner’s inspection report or require an inspection for your current property, our experienced team is here to help. Furthermore, we will provide thorough, customized reports that address your specific needs and concerns.

Experienced Electrical Inspectors

Our team of electrical inspectors is highly experienced and understands the nuances of detailed property evaluations. This expertise is crucial whether you are buying a new home, selling your property, or simply ensuring your current residence meets all electrical safety standards.

Highly Detailed Inspections

Our inspections are meticulously detailed, offering a deep dive into the electrical infrastructure of your current or prospective home. We provide extensive reports that cover every aspect of your electrical system, identifying potential issues and recommending necessary upgrades or repairs.

Team of Professional Inspectors

With a team boasting decades of collective experience, our professional inspectors are equipped to handle any challenge that may arise. Years of extensive training and profound knowledge of electrical standards ensure that your residential inspection will be conducted with care and competence.


If you need help with any type of electrical inspection, Watts Good Electric is here to help! Our detailed and transparent inspection process will guide you through understanding the electrical health of your current or potential future home, ensuring that you can make informed decisions about potential upgrades or necessary repairs. Contact us today to schedule an electrical inspection!

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